Thursday, December 13, 2012

Showcase Teacher: The Fourth Grade Team!

Ms. Cline, Ms. Figueroa, Ms. Jones, Ms. Mowatt, and Ms. Hadamek make up the Fourth Grade Team at Herrington Elementary. This team is a great example of how technology can be integrated into lessons and used effectively to enhance student learning and create new learning opportunities.

Here are a few ways that this team uses technology:

  • Istation: The Imagination Station (Reading Tool)
  • Various online resources for understanding, reinforcement of concepts, activities, and enrichment
  • Research projects
  • Document camera and classroom projection system
  • Development of presentations and projects
  • Science experiments and experiences (STEMScopes)
Here's the team!

Check out the Fourth Grade Team website!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Showcase Teacher: Michelle LEplattenier!

Michelle LEplattenier is an Art Teacher at Herrington Elementary. She believes in the importance of incorporating technology into all areas of student learning and works to integrate it into her art lessons.

Here are a few ways she uses technology:

  • Document camera
  • Classroom projector
  • Digital cameras
  • Laptops
  • TuxPaint
What is a favorite lesson that you do that incorporates technology?
I use Google Art Project and take Fourth Graders on a virtual field trip.

What is the one instructional technology that you feel you could no longer do without?
Document Camera

If wishes could come true, what technology would you want to have available in your classroom to enhance instruction?
Photoshop software, laptop cart and color printer