Thursday, March 29, 2012

Students Practice Spanish with Read Naturally

Students in the dual language program at Herrington are learning in both English and Spanish. One of the tools these students use to enhance their reading skills is a computer program called Read Naturally. The program has stories in both English and Spanish, and it allows students to practice vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Students listen to stories being read on the program several times, and then they practice reading the same stories aloud to work on their pronunciations and fluency.

The video below features second grade students Lupita and Jake from Ms. Velarde's second grade dual language class. Listen to them read stories from Read Naturally.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Country Research by 1st Graders

All first grade classes visited the library this week for a lesson on using a new online resource called CultureGrams, which provides information about countries. In language arts, the students are working on reading expository texts - nonfiction text which informs, describes, or explains.

Ariel and Alyssa worked together to learn about India.
One focus of the lesson was to learn to use text features to locate specific information in texts. Students used the table of contents to answer some basic questions about the countries they chose. What they enjoyed most, though, was listening to the country's anthem and viewing videos about the country's music, holidays, and customs. CultureGrams, along with RRISD's other online research resoures, is availabe for home use. Contact librarian Kim Miller for more information about home access.

Ariel and Alyssa's Country Research