Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Showcase Teacher: Kim Miller!

Kim Miller is the Librarian at Herrington Elementary. Ms. Miller is an excellent resource for students and teachers to come to for research projects incorporating online resources and the many devices available in the library. Ms. Miller uses technology throughout her day with all of the students at Herrington.

Here are a few ways that she uses technology:

  • Promethean Board
    • enhances material available in books and bring subjects to life visually
  • Library Database
    • helps students gather information in 'student' friendly environments. Many are designed specifically for young readers and can read the text aloud.
  • Digital Camera
    • capture and highlight special moments
  • Video Camera
    • create learning tools using students and staff
What is a favorite lesson that you do that incorporates technology?
Database scavenger hunt is a favorite beginning of the year lesson. It is always fun to watch the students as they gather new and interesting information. They become so absorbed in their research they lose track of time and are utterly disappointed when it is time to log off. They leave the lesson really motivated about conducting online research.

I plan to create book trailers with the upper grade students using Movie Maker this year. This will be a fun lesson that incorporates technology, reading, and writing.

What is the one instructional technology that you feel you could no longer do without?

If wishes could come true, what technology would you want to have available in your classroom to enhance instruction?
Interactive Desktop

What are some of your thoughts on using technology as part of classroom instruction?
Technology is a way to engage students. It enhances the lessons and helps students retain information. Using current technology reaches students on their level. We are fortunate to have so many technology tools at our disposal. Our online catalog of eBooks and audiobooks enhance the technology learning and experience for students at Herrington Elementary.