Friday, February 15, 2013

Showcase Teacher: Kristy Street!

Kristy Street is a Second Grade Teacher at Herrington Elementary School. Ms. Street is excited about using technology with her students and enjoys finding new resources for them to try. She feels that technology is an  imperative part of her classroom and today's instruction.

Here are a few ways that she integrates technology:

  • Publishing student stories
  • Kidspiration
  • Pebble Go
  • TumbleBooks
  • BookFLIX
  • Research Projects and Presentations
One of her favorite ways to use technology is to use Kidspiration during a math lesson.

What is the one technology tool that you could no longer do without in your classroom?
The document camera

What one piece of technology do you wish were available in your classroom?

What are some of your thoughts on using technology with your students?
It is imperative that students learn how to use computers. Even simple tasks like logging in and opening/saving a word document is beneficial. The students engagement level increases when technology is used.

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Mrs. Pinali does a fantastic job of informing her parents and students about what is happening in her classroom via her class blog. She shares announcements and links to relevant websites that they are using. Way to go, Mrs. Pinali!

For more resources, check out her "Helpful Links" page that has links to useful Third Grade Websites that the whole Third Grade Team uses!