Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Showcase Teacher: Donna Wise!

Donna Wise is an Interventionist at Herrington Elementary. Ms. Wise uses technology extensively herself and believes that it is important for students to use and be comfortable with it as part of their learning.

Here are a few ways that she uses technology:

  • Read180
  • Interactive teaching lessons
  • Reading Counts
  • First in Math
  • Aimsweb (teacher resource)
  • Powerpoint
  • Projects
  • Istation: The Imagination Station
She feels like the one technology she can no longer live without is the document camera and classroom projection system.

What technology would you wish to have available in your classroom to enhance instruction?
Promethean Board

What are some of your thoughts on using technology in the classroom as part of instruction?
Technology is an excellent way to enhance the delivery of instruction and provide students with interactive media to supplement instruction.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Showcase Teacher: Cynthia Hendry!

Cynthia Hendry is an Art Teacher at Herrington Elementary. Ms. Hendry does an amazing job of providing her students with many different experiences in Art. She understands the importance of using technology as one of the many tools that artists use to create their pieces.

Here are a few ways that she uses technology:

  • Document camera/projector
  • Powerpoint
  • TuxPaint
  • Pixlr photo editor
  • Various art create websites: dolldivine.com
  • Digital cameras
  • Word
  • Microsoft Paint
What is a favorite lesson that you do that incorporates technology?
The Third Grade Japanese style dragons are a favorite. Students start by creating dragons using the dolldivine.com website. These come out great but then we up the creativity even more by using the photo editor pixlr.com.

The Fourth Grade outer space project is also a favorite. Students start by creating a space-scape using TuxPaint. We then pull that into pixlr.com and get even more creative with it!

The Fifth Grade album art project is another one that I look forward to. Students work as Graphic Designers to create an album for an artist or group that they make up. We use TuxPaint to create the album cover and then upload it to pixlr.com to really up the professional aspect.

What is the one instructional technology that you feel you could no longer do without?

What technology do you wish you had available in your classroom all the time?
Class set of laptops