Thursday, January 29, 2015

Creating Videos for Black History Month Broadcasts

February is Black History Month, and Americans honor and celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans. Herrington students will be learning about famous African Americans and their contributions to U.S. History and society through videos created by students. These videos will be featured on the KLHE News Broadcast, which airs on projectors throughout the building every day at 7:45 a.m.

Scotdrick and Matthews, from Ms. McDermott's fourth grade class,
work on their video about Muhammad Ali.
First, students did research to learn about their famous person. Then they created Google presentations with photos and information. The presentation slides were saved as .jpg images. Then those images were imported into PhotoStory, where the students added their narration.  A finished video is included below - and the students do know that next time they must include a Credits slide acknowledging their sources for the information and photos!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Texas History Museum Includes Digital Products

Miina, Sergio, Principal Julie Nelson, and Andy watch a
presentation at the Texas History Museum.
Herrington fourth graders hosted families and friends at their Texas History Museum on December 18. The museum was project-based learning about famous Texans. Working in small groups, students read and researched about a person they chose to learn about. They focused on how that person impacted Texas.

Students created traditional displays on poster board, they brought artifacts, and they created some 3-D models. They also created digital products of their choice. Products included PowerPoint presentations, Google slide presentations, Prezis, videos, PhotoStories, and even a project using Scratch to create the code.

Peyton shares her group's Alan Bean presentation with her mom.
Peyton, Tiara, and Milo also made the 3-D Alan Bean figure.

Milo created an interactive project in Scratch about Alan Bean.

Imani shows her presentation to her mom, grandmother, little sister
 and dad, while her friend Tiara (in red hat) watches, too.

Brooke and Estefania, in Ms. Viloria's class, videotaped their presentation about Alonso De Leon. Their whole presentation was too long to include, but a short clip is featured below.

Alonso De Leon by Brooke and Estefania

 Herrington's fourth grade Texas History Museum was a huge success!