Thursday, April 2, 2015

Creating Genre Reviews Using Google Slides

Third graders in Ms. Pinali's class created presentations using Slides in Google Apps for Education (GAFE.) Their presentations reviewed characteristics of the literature genres they learned in reading this year. Students collaborated in small groups on the project. This is one of the strengths of GAFE, because ALL students in the group are able to log on and work on their presentation at the same time. Students are also able to share their work easily with others. The links to their projects listed below were created to allow anyone with the link to view their work. Enjoy!

Biography by Zach, Garrit, Kacy, and Daniel S.

Fiction by Stephanie, Kira, Maggie, and Angel

Nonfiction by Faith, Ben, Vivian, and Victoria

Poetry by Daniel G., Abby, and Robel

Maddison works with her group
on planning the traditional
literature presentation.
Students collaborate to plan their project content.

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